January 23, LeeMinHo at Gangnam 1970 stage greeting in CGV Dong Suwon


4 thoughts on “January 23, LeeMinHo at Gangnam 1970 stage greeting in CGV Dong Suwon

  1. What nice review from the movie…We ,here in the western world have a tradition with deep and nice stories/scripts in the movies that became universal through decades. I am a movie addicted in all styles( the good ones) and see that Coreia do Sul who we associate always with naive doramas and violent movies or kids plays in the internet is something unexpected and nice to see how the director and the actors can deliver a piece of the history – that makes the Seoul citizens think about their development, their culture, their sight just to people whoa has money, the crazy consumerism and the almost an illness to just focus the beauty the body and so on..Souls must be develop also and knowledge to the youth consider something beyond to have and more to be! Congratulations! If I go to NYC soon, hope be able to see in the big screen.

  2. OMG!!! He is truly a God’s perfect gift to human mankind. Thank you Lord for given us Lee Min Ho.
    May I ask also why you have latest posting for our idol Min Ho?

  3. Why are there no updates about LMH he went to Mla but there is no mention of this on this website? Is LMH entering the army soon? Is this true?

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