[STARCAST] “Did you wait for the real man?”…Lee Min Ho at the scene and behind the scenes of film ‘Gangnam 1970’ VIP preview

These guys here were not born in the 1970’s.
But they are curious of Gangnam in the 1970’s.

What about the scenery of Gangnam?
or just KangNam?
The thing that fans were curious the most was about,
Lee Min Ho’s Gangnam
and Lee Min Ho in the 1970’s.
Did you expect for this charisma?
“Did you wait for me?”

This here is the scene of film ‘Gangnam 1970’ VIP preview and the red carpet.

We could see ‘original Korean Wave star’ Kim Hee Sun,
and ‘Korean Wave princess’ Park Shin Hye, too.
‘The new emperor among 4 emperors’, Kim Woo Bin also came.
The participant list of the VIP preview was almost like an awards ceremony list.

But where was the main character of this day?

‘STARCAST’ will release the behind-the-scenes story which you may not even see at ‘Go! Video Trip’.
This is 30 minutes before the red carpet event. Lee Min Ho and Jung Jin Young got immersed into talking. Both appear as a father-son relationship in the film. They were full of affection not only in the film, but also in reality too.
This was the day before the film release. ‘Gangnam 1970’ is at the top spot in reservation rate, winning ‘Ode to My Father’. Both seemed happy for receiving attention from the audiences.

“We are at the top spot in reservation rate” (Jung Jin Young)

“Father, you’re an expert at searching” (Lee Min Ho)

“Lee Min Ho, enjoy this mood~”

However, ‘being relaxed’ was a ‘luxury’ for Lee Min Ho. His hands got busy without having time to rest due to autograph-complaints. Line to get his autograph was formed even inside the waiting room.

‘Lee Min Ho, can I get your signature?” (Han Jae Young)

“What’s your name?” (Lee Min Ho)

“Please leave a P.S too~”

“What’s your name, sir?”

“Please study hard~” (PS)

When the instant autograph event was over, there was another visitor that had come secretly. She was Shin Yeon Hee, the head of Gangnam-gu Office. She visited the place since she got curious about the film that had the background at Gangnam.
However, love (fan’s love?) toward ‘Gangnam’ was felt at the handshakes between them.
Changing the subject, it’s 10 minutes before the red carpet event.
Lee Min Ho started to prepare for appearing in front of fans. First, he checked his appearance. He checked his hair and makeup. Wow, even Lee Min Ho makes an effort…. but what about us?

“Flawless side-line”

“Let’s be relaxed”

This is a minute before the red carpet event. Lee Min Ho, Jung Jin Young, and Kim Rae Won left the waiting room together. Where has the image of Lee Min Ho at the waiting room gone? His face was full of tension.
However, he was fortunate since senior actors were there. Jung Jin Young and Kim Rae Won encouraged him. They told jokes to make him relieve his tension which made Lee Min Ho confident.

“Lee Min Ho, are you nervous?”(Kim Rae Won)

“I’m realizing it now ↑↑” (Lee Min Ho)

“Being nervous is natural”(Jung Jin Young)

“Be relaxed~” (Jung Jin Young)

“I will meet”

“the red carpet now.”

Finally, Lee Min Ho stood upon the red carpet.

“?! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Camera flashes popped here and there. Tremendous roars burst more.
Maybe this is the dignity of a Korean Wave star. Lee Min Ho was strong on practice. He was good at fan service. He held and shook hands, and gave a smile.

“Oppa~ I want to hold your hands~”

“Are you happy to see us?”

“Let’s take a picture of him”

“We have to take a picture of him~”

“We want to see Lee Min Ho too”

The first ever heat in history.

“Thank you, everyone~”

That is how the red carpet event finished. Lee Min Ho’s face got brightened again. His returning steps became light. He got pleased with Kim Rae Won’s compliment most of all.

“Bro, weren’t fans’ response great?” (Lee Min Ho)

Did his schedule finish like that? There are 13 pictures of him conveying gratitude to audiences that visited a theatre.
He prepared tens of outfits only for this day since he wanted to show various images of him in spite of the short time. Lee Min Ho chose a new outfit with hawkish eye and started to dress up again.
Wait a moment! The below picture is him just looking in the mirror.

“Lee Min Ho over flowers”


“Finishing styling himself”

 This is him on the way to ‘give greetings on stage’. He’s curious about audiences’ responses toward the film.
First, the mood was best than ever. The heat inside the theatre was like the mood at the red carpet. It seemed that audiences didn’t get satisfied with just seeing him at the screen. They were all busy taking photos of him.

“The photographer unit has appeared”

“Please enjoy the film~”

“We’re really looking forward to it!”

Yes, yes! We should look forward to it, right? If you’re still curious of the film, please refer to the ‘piece’ interview. We gathered pieces of his conversations that were shared at the waiting room, red carpet, and stage greeting.
First, we asked about his thoughts on the release of the film. Since ‘Gangnam 1970’ is a film made after investing more than a year, isn’t your affection extraordinary toward it since you put much effort?
“I filmed it almost a year. It’s a film which I filmed for a really long time. I couldn’t realize the film was made even when the filming was over, but now everything seems to start new today.”
‘Gangnam 1970’ is a film in which Lee Min Ho appears as a leading role for the first time. It was a new challenge for him who only appeared in TV programs. Thus, expectation and pressure existed at the same time.
“I filmed it with all my effort. What about the result? I filmed a commercial film. Although my experience and filmography that build up like that are important, I cannot help thinking about the box-office hit. I’m curious of audiences’ responses.”
He said there was something he wants to achieve through this film.
“I wish that the meaning which director Yoo Ha tried to convey to audiences be conveyed well. I hope the film hits the box-office and many people as much as possible get the message which the film gives.”
Also, he said that he wishes to achieve this too.
“Personally, I wish to seize ‘guys’ hearts’ through this film!” (Lee Min Ho)
It is because Lee Min Ho tried a big transformation. He showed various images such as being a ‘junk dealer’ and even a ‘real guy’.
The great senior actor, Jung Jin Young also acknowledged Lee Min Ho’s endless transformation. He even mentioned Lee Min Ho as the point we should focus on.
“You may rediscover Lee Min Ho in the film. There would definitely be a new image of him. Lee Min Ho did really hard. Personally, I have good feeling about it. Our film will do well.” (Jung Jin Young)
Director Yoo Ha also agreed. He added that he was so happy to work with Lee Min Ho.
“Lee Min Ho is an actor that brings out 90% when we invest only 50%. (;We don’t know what this exactly means) He’s a really good actor. He thinks deeply about pieces, and he’s passionate above all. Please look forward to Lee Min Ho inside the film.”
▶ This was the behind-the-scenes story of Lee Min Ho’s VIP preview until now. What about bonus-cuts? He was a real man in the film and a cutie in reality. Lee Min Ho’s cute parades are released.

“You who watch ‘Gangnam 1970’ is,”

“a person with good sense~”

“You should definitely reserve the ticket for the film.”

“You may see it twice~”

Writing=Seo Bo Hyun (Dispatch)
Picture=Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch)

Actor Lee Min Ho Believes Dating Can Be a Way to Relieve Stress

Actor Lee Min Ho Believes Dating Can Be a Way to Relieve Stress

During a recent interview, actor Lee Min Ho touched on the topics of dating and relationships.

When asked if dating might be a way for him to relieve stress in his life, the actor responded, “That’s true. Liking someone and having fluttering emotions could be a way to naturally relieve stress that comes from hard and tiring work. I would just like to have a one-sided love,” as he laughed.

The interviewer then asked if he is usually the one to break up or be broken up with in a relationship. Lee Min Ho explained, “I think the line between breaking up with and being broken up with is a bit ambiguous. I usually break up through mutual agreement. Just as all relationships begin by mutual agreement, I believe breaking up should also be done mutually. I’ve never had a one-way break up.”

On his opinion of friendship between men and women, Lee Min Ho shared, “Essentially, I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t think a man and a woman without feelings for one another can have a meal and drink tea. But I do believe that a man and a woman who dated for a long time can become friends again after a certain amount of time has passed.”

Do you agree with the actor’s statements?

Source: soompi

January 20, Gangnam 1970 VIP Premiere

by stardailynews



Kim Rae Won

Lee Min Ho


Jung Jin Young

Joo Da Young

Kim Bum


Park Bo Young

Kim Woo Bin

On Joo Wan

Bae Suzy

Park Shin Hye

Jung Il Woo

Lee Ji Ah

Kim Hee Sun

Ahn Jae Hyun

Kang Sora

Choi Jin Hyuk

Cho Seong Ha

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk and Jonghyun

Kim Ji Hoon

Sung Hoon

Bae Soo bin

Park Kyung Lim


Lee Min Ho Will Pick Up Trash in Gangnam with 500 Audience Members If Film Hits 5 Million

The cast of Gangnam 1970 made bold official promises.

Gangnam 1970 launched the global premiere screening event on January 20 at the Megabox theater in COEX, gathering great response from the audience.

The global premiere took place in the form of a counter-junket attended by reporters from 13 countries that have purchased or confirmed the film′s premiere. For the first time for a Korean film, the reporters from foreign media outlets visited Korea to carry out interviews, increasing anticipation for the global premiere of Gangnam 1970.

The main and supporting cast members of Gangnam 1970, including Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, AOA’s Seolhyun, Lee Yeon Du, Han Jae Young, Yoo Seung Mok, Um Hyo Seop, Jung Ho Bin, Choi Jin Ho, Heo Sung Min, Kim Yoo Yeon and director Yoo Ha thanked the audience members through the stage greeting.

Director Yoo Ha said, “This film is a film with a message. I hope that you can feel many things by watching it.”

Lee Min Ho stated, “I would like to steal the hearts of men through this film. I hope that the male audience members will enjoy the movie.”

Kim Rae Won said, “I think it will be a great movie if you enjoy it comfortably. Enjoy watching and please spread good words to those around you.”

Jung Jin Young stated, “Gangnam 1970 is the first 19-plus movie that I’ve done in a long time. That’s how intense it is. I think that’s the strength of our movie. Many stories are included in it.”

Lastly, Seolhyun said, “I prepared hard since this is my first film. I hope you can see it in a positive light and enjoy watching.”

About the official promise, Lee Min Ho stated, “I would like to change my official promise since I don’t have a driver’s license for motorcycles. If the movie hits five million, I will select 500 audience members and pick up trash in Gangnam along with the director,” bringing out a round of applause from the audience.

Jung Jin Young, who operates a dry cleaner’s in the film, said, “If the movie hits five million, I will iron the clothes of 500 audience members,” and Kim Rae Won, who previously made a promise to take a special picture with his on-screen rival Jo Jae Hyun in the SBS drama Punch said, “I’ve already come to a mutual agreement with Jo Jae Hyun sunbae.”

Seolhyun shared, “I’ve already prepared Sun Hye’s costumes to dance toLike A Cat when the film hits one million.”

The global premiere event was attended by numerous Korean celebrities, including Kim Woo Bin, Kim Hee Sun, miss A’s Suzy, Park Bo Young, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Lee Jia, Park Kyung Rim, Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, Ji Jin Hee, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Jung Won, Jo Sung Ha, Kim Hye Sun, Kim Min Seo, Choi Tae Jun, Im Ju Hwan, Oh Ju Wan, CN Bue’s Lee Jong Hyun and Kang Min Hyuk, G.Na, AOA, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Ji Hoon, Hong Seung Jin, Royal Pirates, Ju Da Young, Han Da Eun and more. A number of foreign celebrities also graced the event, including the Chinese star couple Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen.

Gangnam 1970 depicting the story of two men’s desire, friendship and betrayl surrounding Gangnam during the 1970’s when Seoul was going through development is the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s street trilogy, starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, Seolhyun, Yoo Seung Mok, Kim Ji Soo and more. The film premieres on January 21.

Photo credit: Newsen

Source: enewsworld


‘Gangnam Blues’ Ticket sales ranked top proving high expectation from moviegoers

Actor Lee Min-ho‘s first screen appearance, ‘Gangnam Blues‘ ranked top in ticket sales and proved the high expectation from moviegoers about the film.

According to the integrated electronic system for movie tickets on January 19th, the ticket pre-sale rate of ‘Gangnam Blues‘ in the morning ranked top with its figure 21.9%.

‘Gangnam Blues‘ is the last sequel of the trilogy by director Yoo Haincluding ‘A Dirty Carnival‘ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Highschool‘, which depicts the desire, friendship and betrayal during the development of the Gangnam district in Seoul beginning in the 1970’s.

The film has been drawing much attention with the expectation on the intense violent action scenes by the two actors, Kim Rae-won and Lee Min-ho.

Source : osen | hancinema.net

Lee Min-ho talks about ‘Gangnam 1970′ in The STAR’s interview

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is known for playing the role of a wealthy, love-struck heir in popular domestic dramas. It is this image, not the dark brooding one he is soon to unveil, that the star projects on the cover of The Star’s February issue.

In an interview with the self-titled “No. 1 Star & Style” fashion magazine, the 27-year-old heartthrob talked about his role transformation in the upcoming film “Gangnam 1970,” directed by Yoo Ha.

Lee stars as a petty gangster in the noir crime film, in a much-anticipated unfettering of typecast chains. His gritty portrayal of an opportunistic hoodlum is set in Seoul in the 1970s, during the development of the now-affluent Gangnam district.

“I want moviegoers to feel like coming out to the cinema wasn’t a waste of time,” the heartthrob actor confessed.

Waxing slightly lyrical, Lee added that he had younger viewers in mind: “I hope (they) will not be as steeped in uncertainty about their futures as I was. I want to give them the message that they should work hard to better their lives.”

Yet on set, the actor was less introspective as he charmed staff with his smile and sensitive personality. Lee, who won acclaim in romantic dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Heirs,” is set to make female viewers swoon once more with his steady gaze and all-white outfit in the next issue of the Korean fashion magazine.

On the topic of girls, the actor revealed that he was attracted to women he could “converse well with.” That doesn’t necessarily mean she has to be perfect. “Everyone has their own merits. I think girls who know their strong points and have self-esteem are attractive. I find unexpected weaknesses charming,” the star said.

So it seems Lee, who is soon to appear on screen as a pauper-turned-gangster, is ruled by his soft side. What does he value? “What (you) cherish in (your) heart. The relationship where you can depend on each other, and turn to (one another) for comfort when you’re feeling tired.”

“Gangnam 1970,” starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Rae-won, will open nationwide on Wednesday. The February issue of The Star will hit shelves this Friday.

By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

Source: kpopherald

KoBiz interview – Lee Min Ho of Gangnam Blues

“First film in a lead role, I felt a lot of responsibility.”
This is your first feature film and you were called as the main cast. As this is director YOO Ha’s 3rd installment of the street series, there are a lot of fans in anticipation. How do you feel?
After I’ve read some press coverage on Gangnam Blues and finding out that most of them talked about the film in positive light, I felt a bit more secure.
When someone says LEE Min-ho, we think of your TV drama characters GU Joon-pyo in Boys over Flowers (2009) and KIM Tan inThe Heirs (2013). To become a gang member in Gangnam Blues, what kind of changes to your image did you have to work on?
Choosing Gangnam Blues wasn’t a choice I made to change into a manly character or to escape from the idol image I had through previous works. I had always thought I would like to work on a film once I’ve become mature enough. That was when I received the screenplay from director YOO. He waited for me for a year while I finished up taping for The Heirs and I’m thankful that I was able to do my first film with him.
You’re a leader of the Hallyu trend. You must have wanted to do your best as it’s your first film in a lead role.
I always clear my schedule a month before any new project. In that time, I refresh myself, both body and soul before starting something new. But afterThe Heirs, I had a lot of schedules in China and felt like I didn’t have enough time to get myself prepared. But once we started shooting, YOO trusted my performance and it worked out.
What kind of character do you play in Gangnam Blues?
My character Jong-dae is not a super ambitious character. He wanted a normal life with a family and a house. So while under the skins of Jong-dae, I tried to portray a person who is running towards the better life and trying to run away from the bad times. I wanted to show that he wanted to escape from the present. I personally had some tough years of my own, and I wanted to express it through Jong-dae’s life.

Jong-dae’s piercing stare reminds me of the character you played inPublic Enemy Returns (2008).
Director YOO also told me that he liked my eyes in Public Enemy Returns. During that time, the hungry eyes were very real. But maybe life has become better for me. YOO told me my stare has changed, and I put in a lot of effort to bring back that raw look.

Due to your popularity in Asia, Gangnam Blues was presold to many countries.
The reason why I have to work so hard is because I need to be responsible. Many fans in Korea and China are waiting for my next work. If I want to be proud in front of my fans, I feel like I should keep on working hard. With Boys over Flowers, I’ve earned a lot of fandom especially from China. There will come a time when I will look back at the past and say, “those were my golden years.” I want to make sure that I won’t regret anything when that day comes.
What changed the most after starring in a film?
I was able to act as much as I want, and I feel like I’ve really become an actor. There was a team dinner after finishing Public Enemy Returns. At the gathering, I was amazed by the minds of film professionals and admired them. Through Gangnam Blues, I had the same experience. When the staff members relate to what I felt as a character, we became one through the film. That experience was priceless.

Lee Min Ho to Invite 1970 Fans for ‘Minoz Special Film Screening Event’

Lee Min Ho will be holding a special film screening event for his fans.

With his film Gangnam 1970 about to premiere in Korea, Lee Min Ho prepared a big event for his fans.

On January 24 and 25, Lee Min Ho will be launching Minoz Film Screening Event at the CGV theater in Apgujeong in order to return thanks to the fans who have been waiting for Gangnam 1970. Minoz Film Screening Event will be inviting 1970 fans out of those who apply through Lee Min Ho’s official fan club site (www.minoz.com).

About the reason for holding the event, an affiliate shared, “The event will be launching thanks to

Lee Min Ho’s idea to return love to the fans. We would like to present unforgettable and enjoyable memories for all the participating fans.”

Free movie tickets, popcorn and drinks will be provided for all the fans attending the film screening and specially prepared gift bags will also be given out.

The special film screening, carried out under the title of Back-To 1970, will be hosting various events reenacting the 70’s, which is the time period the movie is based on. In addition, all proceeds gathered from Lee Min Ho’s charity platform PMZ booth set up in the theatre will be donated to Holt Children’s Welfare Organization.

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 will depict the desire, friendship and betrayl of two men named Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) surrounding the Gangnam district during 1970’s when Seoul was undergoing rapid development. It is the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s street trilogy, following Once Upon A High School and Dirty Carnival.

Photo credit: Showbox Mediaplex

credit: enewsworld