Lee Min Ho Talks about Friendship and Rivalry between Him and Kim Woo Bin

In a recent interview with Lee Min Ho, he talked about the relationship between him and Kim Woo Bin, whom he had worked with in drama “The Heirs.”

Talking about Kim Woo Bin as a friend, he said, “Although not frequently, I keep in touch with him. But since we’re both so busy, meeting up isn’t easy.” He also added, “But I visited him when he was filming for his movie ‘The Technicians,’ and we often encourage each other. I’m pretty sure he is coming to the VIP premiere of ‘Gangnam 1970.’”

When asked whether he thinks of Kim Woo Bin as a rival, he commented, “Because Woo Bin started working for a movie before me, and I recently started acting [for a movie], many people compare me with him. I’m used to this kind of comparison though. I was compared with [three] guys in ‘Boys over Flowers.’ Because of that, I don’t pay much attention to [being compared with others] by viewers.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho attended the VIP premiere of movie “The Technicians” on December 16 last year, showing that their friendship was ongoing.

Naver news

Source: soompi


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