‘Gangnam 1970′ reveals character poster of Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won

The production company behind upcoming South Korean movie ‘Gangnam 1970‘ which is headlined by Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, has today released a third movie poster featuring the two charismatic actors.

‘Gangnam 1970′ is directed by Yu Ha, and is deemed as the final chapter of a trilogy by the director, after ‘Once Upon a Time in High School’ and ‘A Dirty Carnival.’ The movie is set in the 1970s, where Gangnam, Seoul goes under development, and tells the story of desires, loyalty, and betrayal between two men.

In the brand new poster, Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Ki (Kim Rae Won) appear in close-ups, which vividly captured their expression of fighting for their lives in order to survive. Their sharp gaze and strong aura definitely shone in the poster, and drew much attention from fans.

Lee Min Ho plays the role of Jong Dae who knows nothing except fighting, and fights his way to the top, while Kim Rae Won plays Yong Ki who will stop at nothing to realize his burning ambition to be the one man above all.

‘Gangnam 1970′ will open in cinemas across South Korea on January 21st.

By: Alvin

Source: KpopFighting


6 thoughts on “‘Gangnam 1970′ reveals character poster of Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won

  1. In innisfree event the reporter couldn’t help herself eating lee min ho alive just there in front the camera, She was better than him …and the poor boy was just a boy in front of a professional woman. She was doing a good job: light, free, funny and direct to the point.. He should learn when time comes to this.

    • TO THE STAFF AND DIRECTOR.The name of the character in Korean is a reference of John Doe “simply nobody” from the english expression”?

    • Yes, that was painful to watch. I think he was lost in translation though. I noticed that his interpreter was reading from a script. Might have been a change in the program and interpreter cannot translate from English to Korean? She stuck to the script.

      • yes atl, he is nice, but still shy and a just a korean boy in the talking (never freely) with his own words… I have a son in the same age and he is much more mature….Everything is written & controlled by someone else and probably in 2 or 3 years the kid with so restrained “out” life can go in his inner soul to answer…. Let’s just wait. He is just 20 something… and the pressure and mood are not always the good ones!!!

  2. Thank you vvel. I am no Korean but I have gotten into Korean dramas and into Korean food. If you are in Korea, let us know how the movie Ganganam Blues turned out. Did it do good in the boxoffice?

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