Lee Min Ho LG Photoshoot Making Film

by meowmm13 | 传说中的梦游


4 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho LG Photoshoot Making Film

  1. Lee Min Ho should stop doing advertisements or endorsements, or carefully choose those products he should endorse. Better if he uses his time to open and operate a business and/or produce something of Korean origin, and just do endorsements for fun, and only for special products. He will raise his worth and can give many people jobs. Of course, he should continue to do movies, and more movies with Park Shin-hye because they look good together and have a magical chemistry! 🙂

    • he can really do better because it has all the advantages, it is wonderful but was him, really who decides? Can not them just a little let him live as a human being? take a little vacation?

      • Yes you’re right. He deserves a vacation. After all isn’t LMH one of the highest paid actors and endorsers in Seoul? His “worth” money wise is already in millions of (US) Dollars in 2 digits. Isn’t he also due for the cumpolsory military service?

  2. Seoul Girls Collection is responsible for the postponement and cancellation for the Singapore concert. Let’s hope this will never happen again.
    Hi Min Ho, Singapore Fanz loves you and has faith in you no matter what. I deeply believe that you are not one who doesn’t keep your words. 🙂

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