October 26, Lee Min Ho’s Update on SNS



4 thoughts on “October 26, Lee Min Ho’s Update on SNS

  1. 2014 oct. 27 (7:34a.m)

    My Star!

    I would rather see you like that eating, or going to any airport in the world, or singing, or dancing or in any other endorsements…but for 2 years absence in our lives??? It is something hard to bear! But something we have to accept…

    I just hope that my friend yeonheeminoz can reach you and update us here while you are in military training….

    For now, we will cherish each minute we have with you! I was not able to sleep after knowing that unavoidable call for duty to your country…(even the 5 panicking bodyguards i am sure were upset)…

    I know, your not leaving yet, but….missing you already….

    Feeling blue here…



    • These two years are going to be really hard without him! 😭😣
      I just hope we can hear from him every now and then during his time in the military. 😔🙏❤️
      Wishing him the best of luck in serving his country and miss him already too! ❤️

  2. I just wanted to clarify that i am refering to the dream i had before about the 5 panicking bodyguards as me…with all due respect i salute and congratulate those hard working real ones who made sure of LMH outmost security and protection….


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