7 thoughts on “October 23, Lee Min Ho at Eider Fansign Event

  1. OMG! super handsome I hope to meet you someday and I watch your concert.take care always oppa lee min ho i love you much ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you for update pictures:)

  2. 2014 oct. 25 (8:32 am)

    My Star,

    I had the best dream and the worst nightmare! The best is because i was in the airport with you….hehehe you were so up close and personal….almost within my reach…i was ilated…i am in heaven with time seems to stand still….sigh…

    I was about to touch you when i noticed, what the heck i am wearing a black suit? Then i saw behind you somene familiar…also in black suit…she was me! I looked in front of us…again its me in black suit, i think she was shouting to some women, when she turns her head…she was Me! I look around, there were 5 of me in black suit! I realized then, i was your BODYGUARD! Hehehe cool…

    But your worst body guard. Because the 5 of me is your PANICKING BODYGUARD,!

    Panicking bodyguard me no.1- runs trough here znd there! Dont know what to do!

    Panicking bodyguard me no. 2- Shouts at some silly crazy fans of yours trying to undress and throwing their bras in your way!

    Panicking bodyguard me no. 3 – fainted and was left behind

    Panicking bodyguard me no. 4 – acted so cool, just walking behind what seems like you but following the wrong lee min ho!

    Panicking bodyguard me no. 5 – stands frozen watching the 4 other crazy me bodyuards!!!

    Dont hire me, even in your wildest dream , okay?


    Please extend my gratitude and appreciation to your real bodyguards for a job well done. They deserve it!

    G. ♥

    P.s. thank you yeonheeminoz for this…i might burst…if i cant air this with someone who will understand…

    • Hahaha, OH. MY. GOD!
      I absolutley love that you shared this dream with me! 😂❤️ I LOVE it! 👏👏

      Same here! Sometimes I have some crazy dreams and I just cannot wait to tell someone all about them! 🙈❤️

      Poor panicking bodyguard number 3 though! ❤️

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