Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues) Trailer

By: Thirtytoes

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13 thoughts on “Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues) Trailer

    • Umm, not really what you call a debut, but it is his first leading role in a movie. He did star in a lot of dramas and was in a movie before, but wasn’t the lead. He was one of the main cast though. ☺️

  1. It’s strange to see a more serious, no-nonsense LMH in Gangnam Blues. We are all used to the smiling, fresh face, twenty something (years old) hunk. Come to think of it, MH is showing another side of him, moving away from the stereotype high school student or young adult roles. Kudos! to MH for challenging his talents to move away from stereotyping. I’m looking forward to see his versatility as a talented actor. Fans from the more mature audience will swoon over MH this time. Move over youngsters, MH in Gangnam Blues is for the mature audience to enjoy.
    Lots of love to Min Ho.


    • Lee Min Ho is definitely showing a new side of him in this quiet different role, as he said so himself. I can’t wait to watch him and can tell it’ll be very remarkable and amazing already! 😄

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