Korean actor Lee Min Ho thrills fans at Woodlands’ Causeway Point

The malls on the weekends are always packed in Singapore, but there was no space to budge at Causeway Point when Korean heart-throb actor Lee Min Ho showed up for a public event on Saturday afternoon.

Thousands of screaming fans packed all four floors of the mall, squeezing themselves as close to the barricades as possible to get a glance of their idol, who was flown in to celebrate the 35th anniversary of lifestyle product brand Osim.

Five lucky fans got to go on stage to get up close and personal with him, including one who puckered up her lips for Lee so that he could apply lip balm to them. Another fan, Ms Andrina Loo, 35, got to play a game where she had to place a balloon in between herself and Lee, before hugging each other as tight as possible until the balloon burst.

Lee, 27, proved to be a sport and visibly enjoyed himself, laughing easily throughout the 40-minute event. The actor is best known for his roles as rich students in the his TV dramas Boys Over Flowers and The Inheritors.

He promised to be back in town again soon as he readies himself for a tour to promote his upcoming new music album. Going by the incessant shrill screams, these fans can hardly wait.

Source: Straits Times


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