Lee Min Ho Becomes New Model for GUESS JEANS

Lee Min Ho has been chosen as the new model for global fashion brand GUESS.

Following Jung Woo Sung in 2009, Lee Min Ho will become ‘GUESS GUY’ for 2014 F/W season.

The director of the marking team said,”Since Lee Min Ho is a star who has a big fanbase all over the world so we think he’s suitable to be the model for our global brand“, “Through this new promotion, everyone will be able to see more of Lee Min Ho’s unique charm”.

Source: dkpopnews


16 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Becomes New Model for GUESS JEANS

  1. My dearest Lee Min Ho,

    I just want you to know, that i am thinking of you! And that how i happy i am that you will be the next model of Guess….

    As i am writing here, i am already picturing out your lifesize picture by Guess and i am thinking, that we have a guess branch here in our place….seeing you picture, is bringing you closer to us…i cant help but be excited about it already…:)

    I am pretty sure, that you are working so hard to be where you are right now. Just take care of yourself always. Okay?

    Before i go, i just want you to know, that indeed its a great honor and privilidge in which i am thankful for to God, for allowing me to live in the time of Lee Min Ho…

    Wishing upon a star….


  2. Congratulations to your new endeavor dear minho!
    I am so glad that you are being chosen for another global brand, soon you will be a global sensation. I adore you so much. I hope one day i will see you even from a distance. I will be the happiest.

  3. congratulations….. and all the very best for your everything….. be healthy always…. and take care of your self always…..

  4. My dearest Lee Min Ho,

    Its been raining here in my side of the world and i was a bit worried cause i forgot my umbrella. I’m also worried cause continuous rain means it will be flooded soon… So i get inside the mall to wait for the rain to stop…

    Then i saw Bench! (Beside it is Guess) and saw your smiling face… its warmth made me feel better somehow…

    There will be 2 life size pictures of you here soon! I cant wait!:)

    Thanks for keeping me company in this rainy afternoon….

    But most especially, thanks for being my happy thought…


  5. Min ho my dear,congratulation..may u always hv a good health..

    Im a great fan of urs,actually my friends think that im crazy over u.instead of my family pictures i choose urs as my wall paper,hahha ive watched all your dramas already,.specially city hunter 3x and heirs 3x….

    More dramas and movies pls.cant wait to watch gangnam blues..

    Godbless u oppa!mwaaa

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