7 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho TVB Star Talk Interview

  1. LeeMinHo oppa, I love you so very much. I’m nigerian, hope this gets to you, watching a movie of yours and I can’t stop staring and loving you. Looking forward to seeing you one fateful day.XOXO, fighting!!!!!

  2. Mr Lee, I’m switlv16 from Nigeria. I’m a very good fan of yours and I just want to tell you kudos for a job well done. Please keep up the good work and the sky, will be your starting point. Takia and catch fun my Idol. Aja!!! Aja!!!

  3. Lee…. You are an awesome actor. I admire you alot. BRAVO!!! Keep up the good work. We always here to support you. We hope to see you some day in Nigeria.

  4. I just learned about you and I love all your shows that I’ve watched so far: Boys Over Flowers, Faith, Personal Taste, Heirs. I’ve watched Heirs twice already. I loved it that much! 😍 I wish to watch more and so I need to do more searching!
    You are such a great actor! I love seeing your smile! Belated Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho!
    Your new fan from San Diego, California
    Rowena Jung

  5. Hello Lee Min Ho! I’d love to watch your new movie. I’m hopeful it’ll be subtitled in English. Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Love, your fan from San Diego, California

    P.S. Do you really read these notes we put here? Just wonderin’. ❤️Ya!

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