Lee Min Ho LINE Micro Drama Episode 1

19 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho LINE Micro Drama Episode 1

  1. HB Entertainment had created a great storyline in this micro drama which had awaken everyone ‘s attention on the possibility of love via their LINE account in conspicuous places and both lead characters had chemistry that is undeniably lovable, intimate and heart warming. For the viewing public in general, can we request the english translation of the Love LINE micro drama of Lee Min Ho. – Minoz PH

    • Exactly. The interesting plot is, as you said, very lovable and captivating. The English subtitles, however, are available but I couldn’t find them just yet. I’ll update the post in a while once I get the link! Thank you so much for commenting.

      • As for Lee Min Ho’s lead actress, Guo Biting is undeniably charming and in a way sensuous in a conservative way, anyone who would see this micro drama would definitely see the good chemistry of Minho and Lingling they can have a strong team up in a major film either a melodrama/adventure type of storyline if some of the producers would only see them together, it could even surpass that of “My Love From Another Star” coz’ they’re both lovable, charming, & they both have the charisma/aura that can’t be seen on other couple in a movie or drama, just as long the production team will be headed by HB Entertainment. Minho exudes the expectations of the viewing public whenever he acts and all heads turn when he strike a smile. – Minoz Phils

      • The actress is indeed very beautiful, and the chemistry between the two of them is quite lovable and interesting. I’m glad you liked it! I loved Lee Min Ho’s acting! Especially when he acted annoyed because of sending the sticker accidentally😆
        I posted the English subtitles but just in case you didn’t see them:

      • Thank you so much for the eng subs, and rest assured that Minoz Philippines will be behind Lee Min Ho all throughout his journey as a versatile artist until the time he would conquer Hollywood, that’s why he should start learning and practicing English in all his overseas projects. Practice makes perfect, it’s a must if he would want to enter Hollywood just like Jackie Chan & Jet Li. CONGRATULATIONS TO LEE MIN HO on his 8th Year Anniversary in the Entertainment Industry.God bless him always. – Minoz Phil

      • 😀You’re welcome! Congratulations on his 8 years anniversary❤️ It was amazing watching him grow to be the wonderful man he is right now, and I’m looking forward for him to grow even more and more~ 😋

  2. Wow ! Lee!!congratulations,8yrs?that is wonderful It is the lord’s doing and it it’s marvelous in all your fans eyes we are proud of you ! pls do not recent improve on areas commented by your fans God will see you thru,Amen.Hollywood?learn English language fast practice makes perfect Minho!you are”BAM”means complete

  3. OHope appearing in more than 1drama at a time is not stressful to my delectable LMH ? IF so we love to see you in about 3 dramas this year some of us love to watch drama always you are cool , patient , always smiling ! ! ! ! your acting is NATURAL! A gift , you really have passion for acting Ride On O Boy!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations on. Your 8yrs anniversary in entertainment industry , wow where are we celebrating it, your Fans are really proud of you Lee God will take you to a higher level cute in these micro drama , I love the actress too!she’s a Queen! Do not relent on what you know how to do BEST!!!!Good luck!

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