More Videos of “The Heirs” BTS!

To check out the last videos:

The videos has been removed and marked private. The links will be updated as soon as they’re uploaded again by the owners.

Basement Scene, School Scenes 

Kitchen Scene, Backhug, Kim Tan’s Room Scenes, Fighting Scenes, Kim Tan and Eun Sang NGs 

Tan in front of the ladies’ bathroom, Party Fore-head Kiss Scene, Tan and Young Do Cute Listening Through Headphones Scene

Eun Sang Goes to Kim Tan’s Room After Receiving the Flight Ticket, Tan and Eun Sang Go to Myung Soo’s Studio (After hugging), Myung Soo angry at them, Tan and Eun Sang at the restaurant she works at and more.

Rachel and Eun Sang Hit Each Other Scene, Eun Sang gives tan a few dollars he lets her go for, and more. 

Tan and Eun Sang View the Test Results, Ending and a scene at a hospital 

Campfire Scene 

That’s about it! There’ll be more videos by MinhoSsinz soon! The links will be here soon.


6 thoughts on “More Videos of “The Heirs” BTS!

  1. Please post a note here if it’s already on the net :”””( I’ve been wanting to watch all those TT_TT huhu.

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