Lee Min Ho finishes promotions in Philippines with a blast

Lee Min Ho successfully finished promotion events in Philippines with a blast.

 Lee Min Ho finishes promotions in Philippines with a blast

On March 21st, actor Lee Min Ho attended a major promotion event which was held in Manila, and met up with approximately 15 thousand fans. The next day, he had an advertisement shooting, and on 23rd, he held two guerrilla fan meeting at Mall of Asia.

Other than a great number of fans, chairman of Bench, Ben Chan, and many other celebrities attended his promotion events.

Filipino presses introduced Lee Min Ho as ‘a superstar from Korea’ and ‘icon of Korean culture’, and reported, “Philippines is overflowing with fans who imitates Lee Min Ho’s style and memorize his drama lines. Lee Min Ho is now a major syndrome, and people say, ‘Watch Lee Min Ho’s dramas if you want to learn about Korea.'”

A local official said, “What makes him so popular is the unchanging humbleness. He is one of the most exemplary Korean stars.”

Lee Min Ho’s huge popularity is not just a momentary heat. Lee Min Ho’s popularity in Philippines constantly grew as ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Personal Taste’, ‘City Hunter’, and ‘Faith’ were released in order.

Many critiques told that Lee Min Ho made a significant contribution in broadening the spectrum of Korean Wave, and said, “Lee Min Ho gave a whole new start to the spread of Korean Wave. Korean Wave, which was focused to Japan, started spreading to China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and other South East Asia countries.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will head to Chengdu, China on 24th for another promotion.

Source: sg.entertainment.yahoo.com


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