Lee Min Ho Updated on LINE (Pictures of the Bench Event)

“#Official Photo @Bench Fun Meet in Manila, Philippines 2014.03.21 Araneta Coliseum”


Bja_DpcIQAA6N_g Bja_fedIAAAzL3R Bja_kIKIMAA5ZHy Bja_nmqIEAA24ZS Bja_Qa4IYAArwGN Bja_TyvIgAAl4Tw Bja_W34IUAAys2q Bja_Z5fIUAInJwZ


2 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Updated on LINE (Pictures of the Bench Event)

  1. Lee Min Ho is one remarkable versatile actor that the Filipinos had grown to love and follow thru the ABS-CBN 2 Philippine adaptation of ” Boys Over Flowers” & SNS. His friendly, humble and warm-hearted behavior when he bonded with Minoz PH (Philippines) during the 1st Bench Fun Meet had made Him more closer with the Pinoys (Filipinos). Pinoys are very particular with the values and character traits of their favored Celebrity, whether he’s foreign or local. Meaning they have a high regard of Lee Min Ho as a good actor and as an individual with a good character, that’s the driving force of the Minoz PH. Minoz PH will remain steadfast with their love and support to Lee Min Ho, just as long as he doesn’t change his wholesome image. God Bless Him and To God Be The Glory!!!

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