Lee Min Ho Jeju Air Contract Signing Event

OKMFINE & Seungffany Photography


5 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Jeju Air Contract Signing Event

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  2. I Hope that Now-The Whole Interviews Photos and Reports-will show us the Most Interesting Artistic Developement We Consistently Follow-Which bear the Stamp of an Incredible Fenomenon of a very unique Artist-LMH-whose Creativity and his Cinematic capacities are Incredible.
    …Because of that I choosed to be Minoz and to join the International Club of fans …(I had never did such a thing before).
    I have to admit…I Identified his Versatility and his Powerful Talent as an actor-this is only the beginning of his Artistic way -I am not sceptical about his Artistic Way,he has a Different-Original personality and we can expect the unexpected…

    • Hi ndy932013! Remember iloveleeminho? That’s my old blog, and you used to comment there always! Really glad to be founded by you again! Every word you say is just so interesting!
      You’re absolutely right! Our Lee Min Ho’s amazing personality and amusing talent is full of surprises. Another reason to love him more.

  3. Reblogged this on ndy93blog and commented:
    I Follow LMH’s Career Development and I know he has a Goal.
    To Be The Best Actor is not simple…It’s a Long long way…
    The whole collection of Photos I watched -today-can Be a sign of a very sophisticated way of communicative and charismatic way-to be a kind of An Artistic Leader.

    • Yeah, I think so too. It’s not going to be all easy, but I know he can make it. He’s creative and talented, not to mention that he’s sweet and charming. He’s taking the stairs forward. At some point, he’ll achieve that goal.

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