Lee Min Ho to enter Chinese market with Huayi Brothers


Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, recently opened a branch office in China called Starhaus Entertainment China to solidify his standing in the country. In addition, they will also work hand-in-hand with famed Chinese entertainment company, Huayi Brothers, to make the process even more smooth sailing.

Chinese media had reported earlier that Starhaus Entertainment had already opened a branch company in China. Starhaus Entertainment said, “We have opened a branch company in China to handle activities over here. This is something that we had been planning for a long time, and we will be in sole charge of running Starhaus China. At the same time, we have also signed an agreement with Huayi Brothers to manage Lee Min Ho’s activities in China.”

Huayi Brothers was founded in China back in 1994 by brothers Wang Zhong Jun and Wang Zhong Lei. It is also the first entertainment agency that was granted the rights to expand its operations through the selling of shares. Furthermore, it is also the only entertainment agency that’s in the Top Fortune 500 China of companies.

Besides producing movies and running a record label, Huayi Brothers also operates movies, TV shows, talent agencies, music labels, movie theatres, and many other entertainment areas. In its earlier stages of operations, Huayi Brothers already had long-term goals of making it big through movies, dramas, and artists management. It is now one of the biggest and most representative entertainment agency of the Chinese entertainment world.

A Starhaus Entertainment official said, “Lee Min Ho had worked with Huayi Brothers on his China concert back in 2009. Both agencies have maintained a good relationship since that time.”

By: Park Jin Yong



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