Lee Min Ho attracts 5,000 fans for his Seoul encore concertLee Min Ho attracts 5,000 fans for his Seoul encore concert

Lee Min Ho attracted 5,000 fans who got to see the handsome actor in real life during his Seoul encore concert on the 18th!

Lee Min Ho held his encore concert, ‘LEE MIN HO GLOBAL TOUR-MY EVERYTHING IN SEOUL ENCORE‘, with 5,000 fans in attendance at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on the 18th.

Royal Pirates opened up the concert and once the fans called out Lee Min Ho’s name, the actor entered the stage as he crooned “My Everything“. As if he couldn’t make them swoon anymore, Lee Min Ho also showcased his vocals with “Pieces of Love” and Kim Bum Soo‘s “Last Love“. He also put on his sunglasses and joined special guests MonsterZ to get the crow wild with performances of “LOVE MOTION” and “My Little Princess“.

When asked, “Is there a character which you liked during that time?” Lee Min Ho shared, “Playing the role of Goo Jun Pyo on ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was fun. Goo Jun Pyo was fun to the point that I wondered if there are really people like this.”

“My character Choi Young in ‘Faith’ and Kim Tan in ‘Heirs’ are both similar manly men. If Choi Young is a person who is honest about his feelings, Kim Tan is innocent so he opens up his pure and innocent feelings… Yoon Sung in ‘City Hunter’ is also cool. Jun Jin Ho in ‘Personal Taste’ was a person very different from who I am… I can’t choose between them.”

“I think this concert was where I was closest to the audience. The thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to approach each one of you.” He then said goodbye to fans with encore songs, “Without You” and “Say Yes”.

Lee Min Ho kicked off his global tour in Seoul back in May and attracted a total of 52,000 fans in eight cities across six countries including Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, China.

Source: Allkpop

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