Lee Min Ho, “Kiss Performance With Fan Bingbing Was Not Scripted”

lee min ho fan bingbing

Actor Lee Min Ho shared the behind the scenes of the kiss performance with Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

Lee Min Ho at the Baidu Fei Dian Awards Ceremony in Beijing, China, which took place on Sunday, December 22, 2013, posed to kiss Chinese top star Fan Bing Bing, and attracted a lot of attention of the Chinese, Korean, and international fans.

At the ceremony, Fan Bingbing, the host of the ceremony, gave Lee Min Ho an award. After the award ceremony, another host asked Lee Min Ho and Fan Bing Bing for a couple pose, and Fan Bing Bing and Lee Min Ho put their faces together and hid their faces behind the doll, as if they were kissing, making the fans shout in jealousy.

Lee Min Ho in a recent interview revealed that, the kiss performance with Fan Bingbing was not scripted.

“I have been to Chinese award ceremonies a couple of times and I think that they are very relaxed. The kiss performance with Fan Bingbing was actually not scripted. The production team of the ceremony requested to show three poses as a couple. We did the first two and I was thinking about the last one (on stage). She and I saw each other then and, since we are both actors, I think she and I were thinking about the same thing. So that is how we got to do an impromptu kiss performance. Of course, we did not do it for real. Really.”

Source |kdramastars


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