Lee Min Ho in Interview, “I Love My Fans”

2009. There was a man. He played the main character of a drama after years of no exposure. It was a role of a high school millionaire. The drama was a hit, and the man became a hot star.

2013. There was a man. He wore a high school uniform in four years. it was another high school millionaire character. Some criticized him for playing the exact same role all over again. However, with his stable acting skills, he became the hottest star again.

And there is a man who prepares for 2014. He is already feeling greedy with work. He already chose his debut film, and is planning to pick two or three more movies to film.

This is the past, present, and future of Lee Min Ho. He overcame the hard times of no exposure as an actor and became a star. Now he is in the middle of the Hallyu culture.

Lee Min Ho said, “In 2014, I am going to be in my late 20s. I did not want this time to just go by. I wanted to show the public my acting. If not now, I will never be able to show them the feel of a boy anymore. Since I will always be acting, I thought I did not have to change my second role.”

His decision was right. Every episode of “The Heirs” was an issue, and Lee Min Ho was standing right there in the middle of every issue. Although he wore the high school uniform again, there was no Goo Joon Pyo. He said, “When I played Goo Joon Pyo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in 2009, I decided on even the direction of my eyes and my fingers. But playing Kim Tan was different. I put everything down every time I acted him. Instead of forming the character, I was faitful to the script. I worried in the beginning, but I quickly gained confidence.”

In addition to the acting style, his perception of the acting life changed in 2013, Lee Min Ho says.

He said, “When I see the fans outside of Korea, I realized that I can’t prioritize Korean dramas and films over the international ones. I think this is the time when I pick the next work equally, without the boundaries of Korean or other countries.”

In addition to the movie “Kangnam Blues,” he plans to film two or three more movies. He is also considering international ones. In addition, he also wishes to become an all around entertainer.

Lee Min Ho said he wants to set the prototype of a concert type fan meeting.

“In fact, before, I did not like singing. But I feel that it is unavoidable now, and I want to do my best at it. I want to set the prototype my fan meetings for the fans to think that, ‘Lee Min Ho’s performances are like this.’”

Lee Min Ho said all of the reasons for this is for the fans.

“At every acting awards ceremony, I said the reason of my existence is my fans. This is not just an expression. The confidence I have comes from my fans. So I cannot help but put my best effort into everything. I want to give back for the love I am currently receiving, and I want to become better at the things the fans like.”

Source | kdramastars


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