Lee Min Ho Talks About the Weight of His Crown as a Star

After starring in Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho began to be recognized by many people and continued to act in Personal Taste, City Hunter andFaith, building up his acting career.

Then he met The Heirs, taking a role that seemed quite similar to the one he played in Boys Over Flowers.

In a recent interview with enews, Lee Min Ho said, “I met the drama writer, Kim Eun Sook, before I even saw the synopsis of the drama. I was curious as to why she wanted to cast me for a role that was similar to the one I’ve played before. But I had my trust in the writer, and decided to act in the drama.”

His trust did not go to waste, as the drama became a big hit and he proved himself as a talented actor once again.

When asked about how it’s like living as a star, the actor said “Sometimes I get stressed. I like doing ordinary, everyday activities, but I hesitate to even walk into a restaurant and have to give up on a lot of things.”

“But one thing that struck me was when a fan said ‘thank you’ for acting in the drama,” continued the star. “The fan told me she was going through a painful time after losing her son, but watching City Hunter helped her get back up and feel hopeful again. I felt that my job could provide people with more hope and courage than I realized. So I feel a sense of responsibility for the fans out there who have certain expectations of me.”

He also had a realization about love while filming met The Heirs.

“I got to re-think about love as I filmed The Heirs,” said Lee Min Ho. “I thought ‘this is what real love is like.’ I don’t have anyone by my side now, but if I ever fall in love at first sight, I will be like Kim Tan.”

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source | enewsworld


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