Lee Min Ho’s Interview After Baidu Awards

Watch “Lee Min Ho’s Interview After Baidu Awards”,


By | iqiyi


Q: You have participate in The Heirs OST, do you have plan to release an album next year?

A: Next year I will have a fanmeeting in concert format, probably I will sing the OST during the concert. I’m not sure if I will record a new song next year, but as there’s a concert coming, I will definitely sing my previous songs and bring fans some good music.

Q: What kind of character you would like to challenge?

A: There are a variety of professions and I want to all different one. Among all, I want to challenge a role that is a genius who doesn’t aware of his own talent, and to  discover his ability through the course.

Q: Which Chinese actor whom you admire at/ like most?

A: The 2 Chinese actors whom I admire at and respect are Andy Lau & Jacky Chan. Sincerely hope that there will be opportunities to work with them in future. In addition, today I am glad to have met Fan BingBing for the first time, and would also like to work with her if there is a chance.

Translation by meow.


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