Here’s how you leave an impression on Lee Minho!

Text/Photos: Joelle Chong
Video: Chia Jia Xin / Toh Yew Sin

It has been three years since Korean actor Lee Minho set foot onto our sunny island and boy, is he glad to be here!

Here as the global ambassador for Korean beauty brand innisfree, the 26-year-old said, “Korea is cold now, so it’s nice to be in somewhere warm for a change.”

Korean news outlets reported that over 2,000 fans greeted Minho when he arrived in Singapore two days ago (Dec 16) and we even spotted some, who were eager to catch a glimpse of the handsome star, loitering around the hotel before the press conference began.

Minho was the perfect ambassador at the press conference, not only mentioning the brand’s latest product, but also smartly shared that he changed all his cosmetics after taking on the spokesperson role. Having to travel overseas frequently, Minho let on that the one beauty product he cannot do without is cleansing foam because he puts on makeup.

The actor recently concluded filming for the K-drama The Heirs, which ended its run last week. When asked if he was tired, he unabashedly said yes, but was quick to assure everyone that he was in a good condition because he has had a good rest.

Minho played the heir Kim Tan in the drama, not unlike his previous role as Gu Jun Pyo inBoys Over Flowers (2009). While he personally felt that he has characteristics of both characters, he admitted he is more similar to Kim Tan.

“I could relate more to Kim Tan realistically,” Minho shared, before showing off his cheeky side and adding, “And we have the same hair.”

Touring around the world would have allowed Minho to meet different fans. Had he receive any creative or exceptionally memorable gifts before?

Minho said, “Sometime ago, I received a registered phone as a gift. There was only one number saved in the phone; it was the number of the person who gave the phone to me. I still don’t know what I should do with it.”

We’re not saying you should do this if you want your idol to remember you; but hey, you can’t deny it worked, at least in Minho’s case.

With Christmas just round the corner, Minho joked, “It’s a little depressing that I still don’t have any plans, but I will be spending time with the people I love and it’d be nice if you could spend the day with the people you love.”

However, the heartthrob found it a pity that Singapore doesn’t snow because he felt that Christmas is more beautiful when it’s snowing.

Minho also let us in on his plans for next year, citing that he will continue to meet fans “in such a way” all the way till March before taking up his first leading role in the movieGangnam Blues.

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