Lee Min Ho’s Charity Auction Site Freezes Due to High Traffic

Lee Min Ho’s charity auction website froze as soon as it was launched, due to high traffic.

Many fans showed their interest in Lee Min Ho’s fashion items from SBS’sThe Heirs being sold through the charity auction titled A Present From TANI.

“Lee Min Ho’s clothes that he wore on The Heirs became available through the charity auction on December 16, but the website’s server went down as soon as it launched because the fans logged in from around the world at the same time,” said a rep from the actor’s agency on December 17.

Lee Min Ho’s clothes from the drama will be available on Euphoria Seoul’s online site from December 16 through 22 for three rounds of auctions, with the first round holding ten of ‘Kim Tan’s fashion items from the drama.

According to a rep from the website, more than 10,000 fans logged in per second since the event started, a traffic rate that could freeze up any other major ticket reservation site. The fans logged in from countries like Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, America, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as from countries in South America.

“We increased our server size in order to prepare for the fans logging in at the same time, but it was still not enough,” said the website manager. “We’ve decided to limit the auction to run between 9 am through 6 pm (KST) for the stability of the website.”

The charity auction A Present from TANI was set up after Lee Min Ho’s suggestion, who has been actively participating in various charity events. All proceeds will be donated to help out those in need.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source | enewsworld


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