‘‘The Heirs’ Lee Min Ho “We Can Lock The Door” is a line he added!


Lee Min Ho created his own line for the finale episode of “The Heirs,” making the audiences laugh at his wittiness.

On the final episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama  “The Heirs” which aired on December 12, 2013, Kim Tan was happy after he officially declared his relationship with Cha Eun Sang. In a room where the two were alone, right after Kim Tan showed Cha Eun Sang the surprise video clips of her, Kim Tan said, “Let’s make out.”

When Cha Eun Sang stepped backward saying, “Don’t,” Kim Tan said, “Do not do what” You are only two steps away from me,” approaching her. Cha Eun Sang then said to Kim Tan “My mom is going to arrive here anytime soon.” Kim Tan then said, laughingly, “It is okay. We can lock the door.”

This line where he says, “We can lock the door,” turned out later on to be a line that Lee Min Ho had added on the spot.

Meanwhile, “The Heirs” is an MBC drama that aired its final episode today and has been attracting a lot of the audiences’ attention because of its lovely high school romance.

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