‘The Heirs’ Is Most Popular Korean Drama Abroad

In a study conducted with the people in 26 countries, SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “The Heirs” ranked the number one most watched Korean drama abroad. On the second most watched Korean drama abroad, MBC drama “Gu Family Book” was picked. For the third most, KBS drama “Secret,” for the fourth most, SBS drama “Master Of The Sun,” and for the fifth most, SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” was picked.

The study was conducted by the international communicators for a week. The study was based on the residents of 26 countries such as China, Kazakhstan, India, Germany, Taiwan, and the United States among many others. The participants who responded that they watch Korean dramas were asked to pick their top five Korean dramas.The SBS Wednesday Thursday drama “The Heirs” which is currently playing in SBS, was ranked as one of the top five most popular Korean dramas in ten regions, such as Beijing, China, Kazakhstan, and India. In addition to the five dramas aforementioned, KBS drama, “That Winter, This Wind Blows,” and KBS drama “God Of Workplace” also ranked high. This shows that international Korean drama audiences are watching the dramas as they are being aired in Korea, which is different from the old method of the international broadcasting companies buying the copyrights of the Korean dramas and then the dramas attracting the attention of the international audiences.

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