The Heirs Episode 15 Preview and Subtitles

The Heirs Episode 15 Preview was blocked. Find it on Lee Min Ho Minoz Channel on Dailymotion.



English Subtitles

Ji Sook: Young Do is in 98th place.

Ji Sook to Won: Do you know what place Tan is in? 100th.

Won: In the whole country?

Eun Sang: Kim Tan. Very handsome Kim Tan.

Tan: Stop being cute. You’re very dangerous right now (or You’re in danger right now.)

Eun Sang: I’ve come to like you.

Ki Ae: I would like you to officially call off the engagement.

Esther: Why do I have to talk about this type of important thing with the person in front of me?

Ki Ae: I didn’t want to do this but…

Tan: What do I have to do for you to believe me?

Won: Give up your stocks and return to the US. And don’t come back.

Tan: I’ve changed my mind. If you want my shares, then try to take them from me.

Tan to Dad: Let me go to school.

Dad: You don’t have to go.

Dad to security guards: If this child is difficult to handle, you can hurt him.

By: Joonni


Wow, it’s finally here! Ok, so Kim Tan decided to treat his brother the exact way he treats him, and Daddy Kim has begun to stop in our couple’s way.

Love the adorable romance of Tan and Eun Sang. After making him (and us..) suffer a lot,  she’s finally showing her feelings for him in the last 2 episodes. “Kim Tan. Handsome Kim Tan.” She’s drunk, haha.

Anyways, the lovey-dovey episodes seem to be over and it’s time to face reality. The way they held each other’s hands and could not even look at each other, yeah, that a was a one heart-breaking scene.

But, did Young Do.. just lose her?! Well, we have 6 episodes left and I’m dying to watch them and know what happens? More love to come!


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