I’m Lee Yeon Hee! I blogged about Lee Min Ho for year and had many viewers, but my blog was shut down because of sharing episodes of Lee Min Ho’s drama beside sharing news.

I want to thank everyone who supported me and hope to meet them again on this blog!

Lee Min Ho is everything to me. I truly love him and love Minoz. They are amazing! I wish everyone a pleasant time on this blog.



16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thanks for yr perseverance … was so sad to learn tat e previous url was removed … however im overjoy to find this again 😀

  2. hi, i’m an avid fan of LMH, but may i ask why i can’t post a comment?…it just says, “your comment is awaiting moderation” =(

  3. hi yeonheeminoz, if you don’t mind me asking, are you from Korea?…i just wanna share that I’m really a fan of your country. My interest was triggered after watching BOF. From then on, I’ve started to really adore LMH, Korea and rest that goes with it — the culture, the people and of course, the language… ❤

    by the way, it's a good thing that you've had everything planned out already in terms of school…have a great school year ahead and good luck on your studies. =D

    • Hi!! Thank you soooo much❤️👍❤️👍 I’m actually not from Korea, and I fell in love with Lee Min Ho and Korea just like you did. I then started watching a lot of dramas, loving KPop and learning the language. Lee Min Ho was my first and still is my favorite actor😄😄😄👍
      Thanks for wishing me good luck. OMG! I actually have a personal blog that I wanted to post my school schedule on but I posted it on this one by accident. I’m so embarrassed omg but I’m glad you liked it😘💖✨ thanks again~

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